What You Need To Know About The Anti-Wrinkle Injections

As the name of this procedure would suggest, this procedure is meant to help you get rid of wrinkles on your face and neck, but there are probably some things you do not know about this procedure. If you are interested, keep reading, as below you have some important information about this procedure.

Hyaluronic acid

Most anti-wrinkle injections will use HA fillers while offering different brands. This acid is the best option to get rid of your wrinkles, but it does carry some risks with it. If you want to learn more about the substances used with this procedure, you can visit Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne or contact your doctor instead.

Achieve a more youthful look with the right fillers

The usual negative sides to using the HA are irritation, redness, infection, itching, swelling, and bumps, but they happen rarely. Keep in mind that every procedure carries some risks, which is why you need to talk to your doctor before deciding to have any of cosmetic procedures done.

Collagen Injections

While the hyaluronic acid is most often used, it is not the only option that you have. There are also the collagen injections, which are good, but they last for a short period of time. Usually, these injections will last under 6 months, which means that if you get these injections, you will have to get them every 6 months.

Synthetic fillers

On the other hand, you also hate the synthetic fillers that are usually known as silicon. These fillers were once universally available, while now they are banned from the market in a couple of western countries. Because of this, the synthetic fillers were changed and became way more popular.

Doctors tend to claim that these fillers last forever, but we all know that nothing lasts forever. There have been some cases where patients reported that these fillers lasted for a long time, while there are plenty of patients who said that they have only lasted about a year.

Choose the right clinic

Before you decide on which fillers you want to get, it is important to choose a well reputable clinic. You can check out the anti wrinkle injections Melbourne from Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne or do your research and pick out a clinic that is much closer to you instead.

Anti-wrinkle injections can help you gain your self-esteem back


Many people think that Botox is seen as a whole different section, but they are actually injectables as well. However, they do not really fit into a certain category, but they are injections that use the bovine toxin which is a toxin from a cow.

Unlike other injectables that were mentioned above, Botox is not a filler. This is a toxin that is designed to numb the muscles in your face, preventing you from making any wrinkles, which gives you the overall younger look.

However, there are many risks that Botox carries, one of which is very fascinating; the addiction to Botox. This addition is not physical, but some patients get a psychological attachment to Botox as they need to remain wrinkle-free.

Final word

While these procedures will surely help you have a much fresher and younger look, it is always better to give a natural way a try first. There are plenty of natural ways you could achieve your desired look, but if nothing seems to work you can always opt for surgery. Make sure to talk to your doctor, and consult him/her about the procedure beforehand.

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