What to do when anxiety strikes unbelievably hard?

Anxiety is more common than you think because since this a psychological disorder, it might not be that conspicuous in people unless you are sensitive to the countenances of people. So, this bit of information can be more effective in making you feel better, if you too are stuck in this phase, because now you know that you are not alone to have this trouble.  One must reflect upon the situations that have thwarted the mental health of so many people in the world. Whatever might be your method of research, you will inevitably find that the main causes of this fatal disorder are the stressful urban life that ultimately affects the mental health of people. Odd working hours do not help much to alleviate the cause because more work means less sleep and thus you might guess that this has obvious relation to obesity. Obesity can cripple you in ways you might not gauge at first—it has been known to be a home to a lot of maladies but the immediate effect it causes is social anxiety that is caused by inferiority complex triggered by the physical appearance that brings down your self-confidence. This mars your performance on so many levels.

Kinds of anti-depressants

There is no two opinions about the usage of anti-depressants in order suppress the immediate effects of anxiety, but there is quite a debate when it comes to different brands. All of these medications are based on benzodiazepine and they function in quite the same ways but recent research has shown that Etilaax is better than Xanax, which is a great revelation because if popularity is considered, Etilaax is much less popular than Xanax. The thing is, Etilaax and Xanax perform more or less in the same way up to two weeks, but people who have taken Etilaax show a marked improvement from the third week and thus this drug is often considered by many a psychonaut to be less addictive than Xanax.

Anxiety is only the effect, and there must be a cause. We have earlier seen the sociological causes and we might as well know the biological causes. There are GABA receptors in our bodies that are a kind of neurotransmiitors that make the body relaxed or tensed based on the kind of stimuli it receives. Etilaax works by this principle, it binds to the GABA receptors and thus magnifies the signal that it sends to the brain which helps to relax the body and you can function properly because your mind becomes calm and clean.

Things to remember

The dosage of medication to suppress anxiety must be according to the shrink you are visiting. 1mg is considered the optimum dosage that is widely used, and 0.5mgs would do just as fine, and it might be a good idea to start with 0.5mg because that would help you know your needs better. You should never experiment with this drug and nothing should be taken in excess of 4mg. taking it with alcohol or opiates should be strictly avoided.


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