Tips to Help Return Back to Work after a Hand Surgery

Hand injuries are painful and often times they can lead to hand surgeries. These surgeries can take a toll on you and require you to take time off from work. So, how do you know you are ready to return to work after a hand surgery?

The amount on time off of work depends on the extent of the surgery.

Even if you are using the best hand surgeon in Scottsdale,hand surgeries can be complicated and delicate, all depending on the damage of your hand. The recovery time and time off of work will vary, which is why it is always important to follow instructions from your surgeon for a speedy recovery. You never want to rush back to work after your surgery until you are cleared by your surgeon, but it is usually a 4-6-week window. When you do return to work, you may need to return gradually with reduced hours and lighter duty.

The length of time off of work also depends on your occupation.

Not only does the severity of your hand injuries and hand surgery play a role of when you will be able to return back to work, but your occupation will also play a factor. Some people can return just a few weeks after surgery, especially if you are working in a place where you can avoid pressure on your hand and wrist. If your work requires you to constantly use your hands and wrists, you might consider taking additional time off and really gradually coming back. The last thing you want to do is reinjure your hand after surgery.

Things to remember during recovery and when you return back to work.

One of the most important things to do after hand surgery is to take care of your hand during recovery. A personal treatment plan will be given to you and needs to be followed closely to help regain flexibility, strength and range of motion. When you do return back to work, you might need to wear a brace or splint. Also, avoid heavy lifting and strenuous activity for the first months after surgery.

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