Renting the Overbed Tables Saves You Lots of Money and Time

If you are looking for an overbed table for your senior loved ones then you are at the right place. We have charted out few options for you. Basically, selection of overbed table depends on the shape of the base and weight carrying capacity. Also, the selection can be made based on your requirements.

Below mentioned are few options to choose from:

  • Overbed table for the home application – the design of this application is very simple and are easy to handle as they are light in weight. The table will not have any sort of whistle or bells. Most important factor is that they are cost effective. The tables are designed for the use with regular beds. The tables come with adjustable height option.

  • Overbed table for inpatients – these tables are specially designed to use in clinics and acute care units. They are designed to suit all sorts of hospital beds. Most popularly, they come in H, C and U shape bases. They are rugged designed and are more durable than the overbed for home application. Most of the designs are capable of taking more than 100 pounds.
  • Bariatric kind of overbed tables – these are similar to the inpatient tables except an extended table top design. The main advantage of this design is that they can be reachable to the larger individuals in the bed.

The inpatient overbed tables are technologically advanced in design. Some of the salient features include:

  • They can be simultaneously used along with hospital beds. Such as lowering or raising along with the bed
  • They are integrated with cup holders
  • There are spill guards
  • There is a facility for holding the vanity kits
  • The tables come with drawers for storing immediate requirement items

If you are looking for these overbed tables for a shorter period then simply order now on a rental basis. You can save lots of money by renting them than actually buying them. Before you opt for rental ones you need to decide on certain factors such as duration you want to use them and number of units you are looking for.

The main advantages in going for rental ones are lower rents compared to the higher upfront cost of the equipment, the rental company will take care if the patient is travelling somewhere and you need not bother about the service or repair of the equipment.

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