Reasons Why You Should Use CBD Oil Instead of Medical Marijuana

Most of the people use terms, like hemp, marijuana, and cannabis interchangeably. Products from all the associated plants have their own therapeutic benefits to offer. However, what makes the difference is the benefits that a product offers without any side-effects. CBD hemp oil is extracted from hemp plant has less than 0.3 percent of THC, which makes it safe and free of side-effects. However, when we talk about marijuana, it is the component of cannabis that is psychoactive, or to understand better, causes a “high” and has THC effects. While a lot of people use medical marijuana for various purposes, here’s how using CBD hemp oil proves to be more beneficial than using medical marijuana.

Hemp oil and marijuana have different effects

The major component found in hemp paste or hemp oil is Phytocannabinoids. On the other hand, the main component found in marijuana is Tetrahydrocannabinol. Phytocannabinoids helps in providing relief from a range of mental conditions, like stress and anxiety. However, marijuana, because of the presence of THC in it, might not entirely deliver the goodness of cannabis and instead deliver unwanted effects of THC. This is why people who think of using medical marijuana should consider the benefits of CBD hemp oil instead.

Oil from Hemp Plant is Legal Across More States

Many misconceptions still surround the legality of CBD hemp oil and medical marijuana. However, since CBD hemp oil contains THC below 0.3 percent, which has no ill-effects, it is legal for the right reasons. Today, many States have made medical marijuana legal. But the side-effects associated with medical marijuana are not something you can overlook. While medical marijuana is legal in 29 of the States, the majority of States still deem it as an illegal substance. However, CBD hemp oil is legal across almost all States across the US.

CBD Oil Gives Relief

While both CBD hemp oil and medical marijuana are used for almost the same reasons, there still is a difference in how they deliver their benefits. The components present in CBD hemp oil are healthy. The way they act on our body and brain is by regulating neurotransmitters and hormones. As a result, bringing relief to the body. However, with medical marijuana, the relief that is delivered by it is associated with a feeling of high, which is not something people suffering from any ailment, whether physical or mental, should look for.

Medical Marijuana May Impair Cognitive Ability

One of the biggest side-effects associated with medical marijuana, whether vaped or smoked is its effects on cognitive abilities. Using medical marijuana for a prolonged period can impair cognitive abilities, no matter whatever reason you take it for. Marijuana contains components that can slowly deteriorate short-term memory, and other functions, like thinking and decision making. With that being said, you are at a great risk of developing psychotic effects, like loss of memory, hallucination, paranoia, schizophrenia, suicidal ideations, which can lead to serious problems.

Medical Marijuana May Increase Risks of Cancer

Both tobacco and marijuana are capable of increasing the risks of developing cancer. Marijuana contains irritants and carcinogens that are just as harmful as tobacco. Many people underestimate and overlook the fact.

If you plan to use a product, you are first responsible to weigh the benefits and side-effects of the product carefully. Since CBD hemp oil and medical marijuana are used for almost same conditions, people can rather use CBD hemp oil instead of marijuana to reap the benefits and avoid the side-effects. It does not make sense to sign up for more added health deteriorating side-effects if you are trying to cure one health condition.

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