How Laser Hair Removal Works

 Removing unwanted hair is a struggle for many people. There are many different ways to go about it; some are more successful than others and some are more painful than others. Shaving is probably the most common. Shaving only reaches hair that has emerged from the follicle. This means that you have to shave over and over for your entire life. Waxing actually pulls the hair up by the root but this doesn’t mean that it’s permanent. The hair will grow in the follicle again and reemerge. While no hair removal produce is permanent, laser hair removal is one of the longest-lasting procedures.

Myths about Laser Hair Removal

There are many myths about laser hair removal. These myths are spread by sellers of other hair removal methods as well as by a misunderstanding of the process. Many people think of the very first laser hair removal procedures and are not aware of the advances in technology. Some of the earliest procedures might have been painful but that’s no longer the case. Furthermore, many think of laser hair removal as the same process as removing tattoos. The removal of tattoos is, in fact, painful. Hair removal by laser is simple. You can schedule an appointment at Here is what you can expect.

How it Works

Hair is produced in the skin; it is created by an organ called the follicle. Many think of the actual strands of hair as the follicles but that’s not so. The follicles are the living organs that produce the hair. Laser hair removal procedures use a concentrated blast of light to actually destroy the follicle. Once the follicle is destroyed, it will no longer be able to produce hair. This might sound painful but it’s not; the act of pulling hair is painful because the root of the hair has nerves. The follicle will be destroyed painlessly.

However, many different factors weigh into how long this will work. Your age, overall health, gender, genetics, and much more determine how quickly you can grow hair. For many people, one or two laser removal procedures is enough to kill follicles for a long time. Others have much more resilient follicles. As with any other part of your body, the follicles repair themselves over time. So, a laser hair removal procedure is not permanent; eventually you will heal and your hair will begin growing normally again. However, the procedures are quick and painless so you can simply go back and do it again.

The different factors determining how effective the treatment is are difficult to predict. Most hair removers will advise you to plan for about ten to twelve procedures. Depending on the area of your body and the amount of hair, these could be very quick procedures that don’t take very long. You can be in and out very quickly with your hair removed. After ten or twelve procedures, you should have very little hair growing. Just that easily, you can remove unwanted hair for a very long time.

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