Gynaecomastia Surgery Before and After Instructions to Follow

You must fast before your procedure – DO NOT drink, eat or chew anything for at least 6 hours prior to your procedure. Someone from the hospital will call you the day before to confirm your admission time.

PRE-OP Instructions

  • Notify your surgeon of any other medication that you are currently taking.
  • Do not take herbal medication, aspirin or anti-inflammatory for at least two weeks before your procedure.
  • Quit smoking for one month before and one month after your procedure. Smoking may delay healing.
  • Avoid alcohol for two days before the procedure.
  • Arnica should be taken before and after surgery. Arnica is available in spray, cream or tablet form. Please take as directed.
  • Vitamin C is to be taken two weeks before and two weeks after surgery. Arnica may help to reduce bruising, and Vitamin C may help to assist healing, both may result in a reduced healing time.
  • It is recommended that you take a loose shirt that buttons down the front with you to the hospital to wear home. This will make getting dressed easier as you will not have to lift your arms.

Gynaecomastia surgery Dr Safvat can offer a “more masculine” looking chest, but even with the most skilful and experienced surgeon like Dr Safvat, it is crucial that you follow your pre-operative instructions to ensure that procedure and recovery go smoothly.

POST Operative Instructions

  • After the procedure, you will have a firm bandage around your chest, and you may also have a drain on each side of your chest. These will be removed, depending on the amount of drainage 24 – 48 hours after surgery as instructed by your surgeon.
  • If you are staying in the hospital overnight, your surgeon will normally visit you the morning after your procedure. If you are feeling well and your drains can be removed, the staff will arrange for you to be discharged after this.
  • A general anaesthetic can take some days to recover from, and if you feel a little slow and not quite yourself for a few days, this is probably quite normal. Just take it easy and rest for the next few days.
  • You will be required to wear a post-operative compression garment day and night for six weeks.
  • You will be given oral pain relief to take home.
  • Your surgeon will prescribe antibiotics for the week after the procedure. You should continue to take them until they are finished.
  • Do not lift anything heavy for three to four weeks. Avoid sporting activities for four to six weeks.
  • You will need to see the surgeon one week after the operation. The tapes on your chest that remain will be removed at this visit. One week after the tape has been removed you may begin massaging the scars with Vitamin E This will need to be done for a minute or two twice a day for the first three months to aid in the healing of the scar. At this time you may also like to apply silicone sheeting.
  • No spray tanning on the suture lines for at least six weeks after your surgery

Contact your surgeon if you experience any of the following:

  • Temperature higher than 38°C or chills
  • Heavy bleeding or fluid from any incision or drain site
  • Increased pain on either side of the chest
  • Redness around the incision lines that is spreading
  • Tenderness and marked enlargement of either side of the chest

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