Everything You Want To Know About Hemorrhoids!

Hemorrhoids, also known commonly known as piles, refer to swollen veins of the anal canal. While hemorrhoids can cause pain and discomfort, the condition is not life-threatening per se. There are two kinds of hemorrhoids – internal and external. The external hemorrhoids are found around the anus, mostly near the opening, while internal hemorrhoids occur in inside the anal canal. A person may have both internal and external hemorrhoids.

The causes

Hemorrhoids are caused when there is extreme pressure on the veins of the anal and rectal area. If you are trying hard to push your stool, the veins can get stretched and ruptured, which eventually causes the swelling. Both constipation and diarrhea can lead to hemorrhoids, because it causes strain in the rectal area and anal canal. Women can get hemorrhoids in the final trimester of the pregnancy, because of the increased pressure on the pelvis. Obesity has been linked to piles too, and people who are overweight are likely to suffer from hemorrhoids more than others.

Find the symptoms

The common symptom of hemorrhoids is bleeding during bowel movement. You may find blood on the stool or on the tissue paper used immediately for cleanup. Patients also complain of pain in the rectal area, especially if they are constipated. There can be some itching too. The blood is usually found on the surface of the stool, which makes it easy to detect piles. If the patient has external hemorrhoids, he/she may have a lump on the opening of the anus, which is usually hard and can pain if touched. Doctors usually do a physical check to find about hemorrhoids.

Getting treated

If you are bleeding extensively from your anus, do consult the experts of United Surgical Partners International immediately. In most cases, diet and lifestyle changes make a huge difference, and your doctor may suggest using certain topical ointments to reduce the itching and pain. The treatment for internal hemorrhoids is usually more extensive, and surgery might remain the last resort for treatment. Since piles is caused by constipation, eating a diet rich in fiber can make a huge difference. Include more fruits and veggies in your diet, and don’t forget to get stay hydrated. Exercise is also recommended for patients who are obese and have external hemorrhoids.

Please note that hemorrhoids can get messy if not treated in time. Do not try home treatments unless you have discussed the concerns with a doctor.

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