Do All Athletes Use Steroids for Improving Their Performance?

A number of athletes often get caught these days by sports organizations for using steroids for performance enhancement and the name of Barry Bonds have been also linked with steroids. You can easily make out that by looking at their old pictures and comparing them with the present ones. Numbers of athletes have also improved their athletic performance with the help of steroids. Whether it is in national sports or in Olympics, many athletes have been linked with certain steroids.

Athletes on steroids

When it is common knowledge that steroids have plenty of dangerous side effects and in spite of that still you can find many of the athletes in the world often indulging with steroids due to a number of reasons. Let us look at these reasons.

  • Performance pressure

Today, there is tremendous pressure on athletes to perform. That is one of the main reasons why they often get pressurized by their trainers who suggest them to use steroids. When there is so much public pressure on them to show better performance then they think there is no harm in taking steroids if that can help them.

  • Easy to access

Though, steroids are banned in most of the advanced countries, they are still easily available from a number of other sources like online, gym or colleges. Due to this reason many athletes often get addicted to such steroids too.

  • Quick results

To stay ahead in competition, most of the athletes prefer short cuts to develop their body quickly. Since, steroids help them to achieve faster results and hence it becomes their preferable choice.

  • Other benefits

No doubt there are dangers in using steroids, but they are certain benefits too which is quite attractive to athletes. It can increase muscle mass and improve the endurance. Few steroids also help in reducing fats.

These are the reasons why numbers of famous athletes caught on steroids use, by different sports organization.

What happens if athletes are caught using steroids?

If the athletes are caught using steroids then they have to pay stiff penalties. A number of athletes have been stripped off from their titles and medals that they won. In worst case scenario the athlete may also face lifetime ban.

How many athletes are taking steroids?

It is difficult to say exactly how many athletes are really using steroids, however if you see the number of records being made in international competitions many sportsmen are suspected of using steroids. However, they also know how to cheat various doping tests done on them.